Engineering & Certification

Off the Shelf solutions

Rocky Mountain Aircraft has been providing unique engineering, certification and manufacturing solutions for over 30 years. Our engineering department has developed a multitude of TCCA, FAA and EASA approvals for parts, modifications, and repairs for a wide variety of CAR-523 (FAR-23) and CAR-525 (FAR-25) aircraft.

Solutions Include:

From cutting edge avionics installations to extending the life of expensive and hard to replace components, and utilizing modern technology to replace obsolescent or hard to find parts, we offer an extensive portfolio of solutions.


The scope of our projects varies, with no project too big or too small. The Engineering team will work with you from beginning to end utilizing design, analysis, & testing – for aircraft repairs, modifications, and installations. Including

• STC Product Design, Development & Certification

• Continuing Airworthiness & Technical Support

• Configuration & Modification Management


As a TCCA approved manufacturer we produce a variety of proprietorial parts in support of our STC’s and PDA’s.


Rocky Mountain Aircraft has made a business of developing solutions for addressing the challenges our clients face. Including Part Design Approvals (PDAs), Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and Repair Design Certificates (RDCs).

Whether it involves mounting scientific equipment on the aircraft’s exterior, utilizing modern technology to replace obsolescent or hard-to-find parts, or extending the lives of expensive and hard-to-replace components, we offer an extensive portfolio of solutions.

Cabin Roof Escape Hatch STC*

Elevator Trailing Edge Replacement STC*

Floor Panel STC*

Fuel Manifold Tubes STC*

Master Caution Panel STC

Oxygen Crew, and Crew and Passenger STC

Radar Altimeter Antenna Installation STC

Hinge Arm Repair RDC

We offer a range of custom-designed and certified additions for a wide range of aircraft.

*Note: The purchase of parts to be installed under STC’s noted with an asterisk in the above list confers upon the purchaser the right to use the STC for the installation of those parts with no need to seek further approval. Please see Blanket Authorization.

Don’t see the certificate you’re after? Search the Transport Canada Database.

Looking for custom modifications?

Discover our depth of experience in DHC-6 Twin Otter modifications, and our breadth of experience designing a range of customizations to meet your needs.

Get in touch with our maintenance and repair team to discuss your challenge. We can help your idea take flight.