Rocky Mountain Aircraft has made a business of developing solutions to help our clients meet particular challenges.  Including Part Design Approvals (PDAs), Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and Repair Design Approvals (RDAs)

Whether the challenge is mounting scientific equipment on the outside of aircraft, utilizing modern technology to replace obsolescent and hard to find parts, or extending the lives of expensive and hard to replace components, we have a portfolio of solutions.

RMA’s PDA, STC and RDC developments include:

Master Control Panel STC

Floor Panel STC *

PDA Roof Panels

PDA De-Ice Timer

Cabin Roof Escape Hatch STC *

Oxygen Crew, and Crew and Passenger STC

Fuel Manifold Tubes STC *

PDA Cockpit Underfloor Ducting

PDA Bleed Air Ducts

Radar Altimeter Mounting STC

PDA Engine Wiring Harness

Hinge Arm Repair RDC

Elevator Trailing Edge Replacement STC

For a complete listing of our Solutions please see:

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)


The purchase of parts to be installed under STC’s noted with an asterisks in the above list confers upon the purchaser the right to use the STC for the installation of those parts with no need to seek further approval. Please see Blanket Authorization.

If RMA doesn’t currently have a solution to your challenge we would be pleased to talk to you to explore how best to meet your needs.  Give us a shout.

If we don’t have the certificate you are looking for you can always search the Transport Canada Database.