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The Importance Of Being Grounded

The importance of being grounded has recently been highlighted by Transport Canada and the FAA. The latest Feedback for Canadian Aviation Service Difficulty Reports, highlighted the importance of correct assembly of electrical terminals.

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What’s Your Poison – Glass Cockpit or Round Dials?

Are glass cockpits for everyone? Traditionalists will maintain that using round dials is essential to excellent stick and rudder skills, but glass cockpits are now a fact of life.

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ADS-B What is all the talk about diversity?

Unlike the FAA in the United States, where ADS-B ground stations to cover the majority of their landmass. Nav Canada invested in Aireon, a space-based ADS-B solution to cope with our vast and sometimes inaccessible geography.

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With the current pandemic and the associated restrictions hopefully easing soon, here is what you need to know about ADS-B.

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Missing NBAA, Oshkosh and Heli-Expo Industry Trade Shows

Is this a concern, a non-event, a mixed blessing?

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Digital Autopilot for Twin Otter Aircraft

Digital autopilot for Twin Otter aircraft is here. Final flight testing was completed last month in Calgary, using one of Rocky Mountain Aircraft‘s Twin Otters.

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Twin Otter Ingenuity and Adaptability

In these unsettling times, we have found that focusing on ingenuity and adaptability has kept us strong and positive.

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Don’t Just Kick the Tires and Clean the Windscreen

The reactivation of aircraft that have been parked for the past three of four months needs to be addressed.

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Is Age a Factor in Aircraft Safety?

What keeps an aircraft safe, is its robust safety systems to manage Design, Operation, and Continued Airworthiness.

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Twin Otter Autopilots

It may appear that Twin Otters and autopilots don’t mix.

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