Leasing & Sales

Aircraft Leasing

Rocky Mountain Aircraft provides a variety of aircraft for lease and sale to meet your aircraft needs in both domestic and international markets.  

Customers who lease or purchase with Rocky Mountain Aircraft utilize the knowledge and strengths of our maintenance, avionicsengineering, and parts departments.

Given our position as one of the premier heavy maintenance and modification facilities in our market segment – we are able to customize aircraft to meet your specialized and exacting needs.. So if the aircraft we have available don’t meet your criteria, we have the capability to ensure that your needs are fulfilled.     

Aircraft available for lease or sale:

Twin Otter - Leased

1977 DeHavilland Twin Otter MSN 552

Airframe Status – TTSN 15,507.8; TCSN 25,713

Leased - 1970 DeHavilland Twin Otter MSN 291

1970 DeHavilland Twin Otter

MSN 291 equipped with PT6A-27. Airframe Status – TTSN 21,880.56; TCSN 31, 905

Sold - Beech 19000 D

1992 RAYTHEON 1900 D

MSN UE-008. Airframe Status – TTSN 25,168.9; TCSN 34, 808


1973 DeHavilland Twin Otter MSN 367

Airframe Status – TTSN 33,355.2; TCSN 40,437

1992 Beech 19000 D - UE-05

1992 Beech 1900 D

MSN UE-05 equipped with PT6A-67D. Airframe Status – TTSN 36,843.1; TCSN 53,738

Engine Leasing

From engine leasing and sales to on-wing maintenance and on-site support. Rocky Mountain Aircraft has the personnel, experience, and equipment to help you with your PT6 engine project.

We provide short and long-term leasing customized to the operator’s requirements. Rates can be based either hourly, monthly, yearly, or by cycles.

Rocky Mountain Aircraft provides overhaul supervision for customers’ engines ensuring all operational and regulatory requirements are met.

Following is a list of engines available for lease or sale:

Engine Drawing

PT6A-27/28 Engine is available for sale or lease. TTSN: 12,265.6 / TCSN: 11,633.0 , TSO: 927.0/ CSO: 1,207.0

Engine Illustration_SOLD

PT6A-27 Engine is available for sale or lease. TTSN: 4,821.7 / TCSN: 20,228 , TSO: 1,341.8/ CSO: 2,675

Stock routinely changes.  Please contact us for current inventory, specifications, and pricing.