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With the current pandemic and the associated restrictions hopefully easing soon, this is definitely the time for aircraft owners and operators to ensure their aircraft are properly equipped. Here is what you need to know about ADS-B.

ADS-B out is now a requirement to fly in most US airspace and will, in the not-too-distant future, be required in Canada.

With Transport Canada and Nav Canada still to finalize an equipage mandate, aircraft owners who wish to fly to the USA have been left in a quandary. Do they equip for US airspace and risk having to replace a new transponder if it does not meet Canadian requirements? Or, equip to meet the most stringent requirements and risk overspending?

There are ways to mitigate this dilemma. First, UAT transponders, the cheapest of equipage in the USA will not meet any Canadian mandate. So unless you only use your aircraft to fly from uncontrolled Canadian airspace across the border this is a non-starter.

An ADS-B 1060Mhz transponder will meet the US and Canadian requirements, but there is a catch. The US system is ground based, the Canadian system is space based.

If the Canadian mandate requires an antenna on the top of the aircraft to communicate with satellites then a transponder with antenna diversity will be required. This can increase the cost of the installation considerably.

When making a decision to install an ADS-B transponder in the current regulatory uncertainty it would be prudent to install a unit that is upgradeable for antenna diversity in the future.

Some like the L3 Lynx, just require the top mounted antenna and the purchase of an unlock code to enable diversity. Others will require a trip back to the factory and some will require replacing.

Example of Lynx ADS-B Transponder with traffic display
Lynx ADS-B Transponder with traffic display

If you are spending to meet the mandate, then should you not get something out of it? ADS-B in, is it worth it? Obviously that’s a decision every owner has to make, but once you’ve flown with ADS-B traffic displayed in congested airspace you’ll never fly without it.

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